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Michael Grear

Michael (Mike) Grear has been with Transwave since the company’s inception in 1993.  He oversees the Service Staff and Reports directly to the President.  Mike manages the day-to-day functions of the Technical Services/Maintenance Departments.  Functions of this Department include the servicing and maintenance of Transwave’s core clientele, deployment of various radio electronics, CPE equipment and bandwidth management devices, and the implementation and follow up of service contracts. 

Mike is a vital component of Transwave’s success.  He brings valuable technical expertise to his position and is on the front line of managing staff that services customers’ critical communication links around the clock.  His department also works very closely with the Installation Department on project implementation work, where they take the lead after infrastructure has been completed for a smooth transition to electronic integration, turn–up, testing, cutover and continued maintenance.

Mike’s core experience is highly technical in nature, having direct hands-on experience working with a variety of systems electronics.  These products include a host of diagnostics tools including:

  • Hewlett Packard microwave frequency counter/power meter
  • Anritsu microwave antenna sweep tester
  • IFR communication analyzer
  • Hewlett Packard protocol analyzer
  • T-berd DS-1 analyzer
  • T-berd DS-3 analyzer
  • Berd wattmeter
  • Dell Laptop computers
  • Tektronix oscilloscope
  • Path Align-R antenna path alignment testers
  • Ixia Ethernet traffic generator analyzer
  • Hewlett Packard VF transmission test set
  • Ameritec VF test set
  • Fluke 77 VOM
  • Hewlett Packard variable attenuators
  • Waveline 23 GHz variable attenuator

He also has hands-on experience working with many of the major microwave manufacturer radios and components including short haul and long haul licensed fixed delivery systems, components, and a variety of Part 15 radio systems, as well as a variety of bandwidth management and CPE devices.  In the course of his career in the communications industry, he has advanced from a bench and field technician to Service Manager.

Prior to joining Transwave, Mr. Grear was employed as a Service Manager with Comptek Telecommunications where he was responsible for customer support and maintenance.  He was also responsible for the development of the Maintenance Department.  Prior to this, he was employed as Service Manager at Apollo Two Way Radio and LJ Raymart, Inc.  Mr. Grear has attended Erie Community College and various manufacturer schools, including Harris Farinon, Tadiran (MNI), Motorola, Multipoint Networks, Cisco, and ATI where he received extensive training in the Telecommunications Field.  He also holds an FCC General Class Radio Telephone Operators License (PG-20-4165) and is Naber Certified.

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