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Project Engineer

Chris Gorenflo

Chris started with Transwave in 2003 as Installation Technician with responsibilities to both the Installation and Technical Services Department.  Chris was promoted to Project Engineer in 2007 and now is responsible for the design of microwave networks, frequency coordination, license processing, project coordination, and project management.  Chris reports directly to the Vice President.

Areas of particular strength include his knowledge of the microwave construction industry and microwave path design.  Chris is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of microwave path design and is very proficient with various industry software programs that specifically deal with path profiling and RF power budgets. 

Chris is responsible to work with the various coordination bodies to properly license FCC Part 101 licensed microwave systems.  Chris is familiar with all of the major manufacturers and has an in-depth knowledge of their system specifications and how they correlate to effective and reliable microwave design.

Chris brings an uncanny ability and knowledge of many aspects of the microwave industry.  This includes that for mentioned disciplines plus towers design, foundations, radio electronics, antennas, bandwidth management, and network CPE equipment.  Chris has Associates in Applied Science Degree from Erie Community College and possesses over 7 years of industry experience.

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