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Transwave is composed of seasoned veterans of the communications industry including experienced professionals with microwave, data networking, telephony, tower construction, and site development. We have a documented history of being able to provide services for high profile projects on time and on budget. This includes critical applications for Transportation, utilities, public safety, municipal IT, health care, homeland security, military related applications, services for carriers, education, and much more.

Transwave has extensive history involving the integration, and/or maintenance of many critical communication systems throughout North America over the years. Our core competency includes the integration of licensed fixed microwave systems utilizing both short haul and long haul delivery systems. Transwave also has extensive experience in the integration of large community wide enterprise distributive networks utilizing a variety of wireless platforms including FCC Part 15 licensed exempt platforms. We are uniquely qualified to provide a host of solutions ranging from traditional Telco platforms to Ethernet and emerging high bandwidth delivery systems. Because of our expertise and experience, we also provide subcontracted technical services to strategic alliances and some of the industries’ most notable manufacturers throughout North America and in some cases abroad.

Transwave has extensive knowledge in RF propagation, terrain analysis, RF power budgets, providing assurances that Transwave networks are properly installed, run at optimal performance, and are backed up with comprehensive service support. Our capabilities encompass the ability to provide both traditional fixed microwave (short and long haul) and a variety of unlicensed (FCC Part 15) delivery systems.

We are fully qualified to integrate a wide variety of radio electronics and components such as antennas, waveguide, and ancillary network equipment such as channel banks, multiplexers, and other high-end equipment. This, in addition to our turnkey ability to construct towers, gives us a unique advantage within the wireless industry today.

Transwave has developed an excellent reputation as a provider of private communication networks with expertise that includes wireless, fiber optic and structured cable systems. In each of these product areas, Transwave provides a full range of services.

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