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ISP/Broadband Services

Dedicated Access:
Dedicated Access is Transwave’s legacy service offering which guarantees you a symmetrical data rate up to your subscription level.  This level of service is ideal for businesses that have intensive bandwidth needs  such as uploading or downloading large amounts of data, video conferencing, VPN’s, web based applications, VOIP and more.  Transwave can provide a scalable Agreement whether your needs are several Mbps, fractional Gig, Gig or more.  Our Dedicated Access platform has been designed to compete very aggressively with traditional “wireline” service providers including Telco copper circuits, cable and fiber optic.  We can easily compete from both a price and performance perspective and typically have you online much quicker compared to the other carriers in WNY.  Our programs allow our subscribers access to a level of service based on your bandwidth demands and your budget.   Our services are always designed to be scalable so if you need more bandwidth in the future we have you covered for easy migration.   Transwave‘s network provides optimum reliability too!  We use carrier grade backbone and distribution equipment throughout our network.  We are dual cored and have multiple Tier 1 ISP’s for added diversity.  Do you need to be online in a hurry?  No problem.  If you are in a Transwave service area we can have you up and operating in a few days or less depending on your needs.    

IP Transport Services:
If you have multiple sites in WNY, Transwave’s IP Transport services are designed to allow you to traverse our broadband network to connect your facilities for data, voice, and video.   Internet can also be provided at one or multiple locations (as needed). Our network incorporates industry standard Quality of Service (QOS) features to ensure that your sensitive data arrives at its destination with minimal industry acceptable delay.

Managed Enterprise Services:
For high bandwidth intensive applications, Transwave offers Managed Services.  Subscription rates for this service typically range from 25 Mbps, 100 Mbps, or speeds up one (1) Gigabit.  Transwave can provide various options for interfacing including RJ-45, T-1, DS-3, OC-3 or any combination to meet your communication needs.   Like our other services, we can typically have you built out and on line at a fraction of the time it takes other providers t does so.  

CPE Products and Integration Services:
Transwave can also incorporate other CPE products and services into our service agreements. Since our network offers true diversity from wire line carriers, we are often used either as a primary medium or as a redundant circuit. Transwave can provide various appliances such as Internet Load Balancers to assure you even higher availability.  Do you need other appliances to be covered in your network without the capital expense?  Managed Switches, Routers, Surveillance Cameras?  We can do it!!  We’re here to help!

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