Subcontracted Technical Services

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Subcontracted Technical Services

Within the Microwave Industry, Transwave is known as the standard bearer for the ultimate in high quality technical services.  Transwave routinely provides subcontracted Technical services to most of the industry elite communication companies including major carriers, large multinational utilities, notable manufacturers of microwave radio electronics and other strategic partners within the industry.  Because of the unique capability to turnkey projects from beginning to end, many of these organizations have come to rely on the quality services that Transwave can offer.

Services available include:

  • Site Surveys and Feasibility studies
  • Complete Network Design and Consulting services
  • Total EF&I services from project development to cutover
  • Radio Integration Services
  • Fiber Optic turn up and testing services
  • Tower Services:
    • Tower Development and build outs
    • Antenna & Feedlines installations
    • Shelter and Power Generation installations
    • Tower Lighting repair & Installations
    • CPE Installation Services:
      • Routers
      • Switches
      • Multiplexers
      • Network Monitoring
      • Cameras
      • Sensing

Transwave Technicians are among the industry elite in terms of technical abilities and quality of workmanship provided.  Our employees are extensively trained and certified in the latest industry safety practices.  We are certified to provide installation and technical services for most of the major Tower Development and Leasing companies.  All Transwave employees undergo rigorous training.  All Transwave employees are subject to comprehensive drug testing, assuring our high profile clients and partners the absolute highest quality in labor and technical services available in the industry today.


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