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Benefits and features of our existing Transwave network

  • Scalable Broadband – Our network focuses on users that have broadband data requirements as well as needs for very high Internet bandwidth. With our standard CPE platform, bandwidth can be increased for events or can be provisioned as demands rise in the future. Typically, this can be accomplished without a major system redesign.
  • Reliable network design – At our core, we have provisioned substantial bandwidth to support existing and growing Internet clientele. We have also designed the Internet network to be scalable as our requirements increase. We have used sound principles in our network design, reputable manufactures of core routing and radio distribution and backbone equipment, battery backup, etc. Our existing Transport backbone is loop protected, supporting OSPF and BGP4 routing protocol at the core. Our network also supports MPLS giving our customers the ability to transparently transport data from end to end using their own private address scheme. We have taken the necessary steps to assure reliable uptime. At our core, we have dual upstream providers in TW Telecom and Level 3 and are taking substantial bandwidth levels from both.
  • Flexible delivery – Bandwidth is provisioned through a 10/100/1000 BaseT RJ-45 interface for convenient and economical interface with resident network equipment.
  • Independent from the local carrier loop – Transwave’s network does not rely on any local carrier loop providers. Customer data is carried over our network. We do not rely on carrier tail circuits or local loop providers to egress your property. For Internet service, traffic will be routed to our providers at the Main Place Tower in Buffalo. Because we are independent of the local carrier loop, our service offering is an excellent choice either for primary networking or for redundancy.
  • Competitive access pricing – Because we are independent of the local carrier loops, our pricing is indicative of the savings, especially when requiring broadband network connectivity.
  • Advanced wireless platform – We deliver secure and very reliable bandwidth to our customer base.
  • Quick up time provisioning – Our goal is to have installations completed on the short term as opposed to long lead-time associated with other carrier based services.
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