Tower Development



Tower Build-Out & Development Services:


Transwave has been one of the premier Tower development companies in the Northeast for many  years.  With our private networks, we can offer full turn-key tower development services that can include site acquisition, site development, foundation design, tower build outs, shelters, power generation and backup and more.  Towers can be self-supporting lattice type, mono-pole, stealth, or guyed, depending on the application and/or sensitivity to aesthetics.  With our strategic partners such as Rohn and Vertical Bridge, Transwave can bring a one stop, single source turnkey approach to solving all your needs for towers.  Our Tower Build-out Services encompass: 


Tower Co-Location Development:


Are you located in a high traffic area?  Maybe a rural area with little broadband?  Do you have an anchor tenant that needs to locate in your area but doesn't want the hassles of tower build-out or ownership?  Our partnership with Vertical Bridge takes away the responsibility of issues such as: tower permitting, development, etc.  and are able to bring about the possibilities of a long term ground lease revenue and/or access. 


Markets Serviced:


Transwave provides these services through the Northeast. Vertical markets include Major Utilities, Public Safety, Homeland Security, Municipal IT, Carriers, Health Care, Private Network Operators and more.


Transwave's Technical Team is extensively trained and certified in the latest industry safety practices.  All Transwave employees undergo comprehensive drug testing, assuring our high profile clients the absolute highest quality in labor and technical services.