About Us

We offer integrated network services with expertise throughout North America to help organizations maximize their network investments.

On April 25, 2021, we lost our beloved co-founder / co-owner.  Beloved friend, manager, and mentor, Ray will be missed by all who knew him.  Ray, along with his partner Martin Renzoni started Transwave in 1993.  In that time, he developed the foundation of the business and set the tone for the success and market position that Transwave realizes today as an industry wide recognized expert in the microwave integration industry.   Ray’s philosophy was simple to everyone that he mentored:   Work hard, be honest, focus on the customer and never ever compromise quality were just a few of his guiding priorities.  Transwave employees are committed to continuing Ray’s legacy and the many principles that he stood by to honor his memory each and every day.  May God bless Ray and his family.